Last week, I’ve decided to give a present to a friend of mine Viktoria. She is mama to 4 beautiful children and she is taking pictures of them mainly. So I just wanted this present to be for her and her kids as well. Because once they’ll be big, they will ask her, where are her pictures, and she will be able to show them pictures I took of her. I believe, that everyone deserve beautiful portrait, that will stay in the family for generations.

We’ve been talking about it for a while, she did her „homework“ and looked up some pictures that she really liked – outdoors.

I’ve seen some incredible pictures from the Mission Trails at the exit of Mast Blvd. Plus nature there looked very similar to those pictures she picked and showed me, how would she like to be photographed. Since I’ve never been there, I asked Viki, if we could meet there.

She didn’t have a babysitting, so she brought her kids with her. Neither did I. We simply thought, that it will be ok, having the kids playing on the blanket or with the rocks. Her older kids (David is 10 and Dalia 8) are great helpers. So we kind of had an idea, that it will be all good.

Well.. it took us great deal of time to find the right place first. Plus in the heat, going to the location was little bit challenging, with 5 kids on our hands. But we managed to find really nice place and were setting up to capture some pictures. The problem was, that the youngest kids were pretty tired, there were some flies that wouldn’t leave them alone (we didn’t bring any insect repellent) and so they started crying at some point and wouldn’t stop.

We had to stop and brestfeed, stop and calm them down. Well.. it was definitely the most challenging photoshoot up to this date I would say. But I’m still very happy with the result. We even managed to take some behind the scene pictures. Some of them was taken by Viktoria’s son David and some of them I took for just the fun of it.

Capturing these precious moments that will become a family legacy for generations to come is both a great honor and a privilege. The natural beauty of my incredibly strong, loving and carrying friend Viktoria, her strength and vigilance inspires me every day.

I’m so grateful for our friendship and her love and care that she has given me over the years we’ve known each other. She is a family to me here in San Diego.

My hope is, that she will cherish those pictures for lifetime and her family too.

Have a wonderful day everyone and stay tuned for more posts!