Ken proposed to Raiza on their 8th anniversary in La Jolla above the cove. Very romantic place, that shows their romantic hearts and sweet devotion for each other.

She likes his patience and being able to do compromises. They really like their sense of humor of each other. They are both very caring and sensitive people, working as nurses.

The couple met at the library where both were studying individually for their college courses. Raiza needed help on one of her classes and asked Ken, who was tutoring according to her friends. He gladly accepted. They talked for hours and hours ranging from classes, hobbies, and life itself until the library closes. They found each other that day and the rest is history.

After almost 10 years of being together, they finally tied the knot and their greatest adventure is about to begin. Ken has been rewarded as an employee of the year – among all the other coworkers that worked at the hospital longer, he’s been working very hard and tirelessly. It shows his diligence and wonderful work ethic.

They are both very sweet, thoughtful and very easy to talk to.

Raiza looked like a princess in her beautiful gown, that was custom made at Philippines and delivered just a week before she was getting married and Ken was so handsome in his dark blue suit.

Ceremony and reception took place at Steele Canyon Golf Club in Jamul and everyone had a blast.

What a fun celebration of these two along their lovely family and friends and two cute dogies.

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